Credits and Acknowledgements
SWAM – Synchronous Wavelength Acoustic Modeling

Development team

  • SWAM Engine Architect – Stefano Lucato
  • Development Manager – Emanuele Parravicini
  • Development Supervisor – Luigi Felici


  • Emanuele Parravicini
  • Luigi Felici
  • Stefano Lucato


  • Stefano Lucato
  • Branislav Pakic

Instrument Ms.Sax S.

  • Played by Tarcisio Olgiati
  • Recorded and Edited by Stefano Lucato

Distributed by
Peter Siedlaczek  Giorgio Tommasini

Friend and Partnership site
Freeverb  by Jezar

Stefano’s Special Thanks
To Emanuele and Luigi for their expertise, to Giorgio for his precious and accurate Analysis, to Peter for his helpful suggestions, and to all BetaTesters for their reports.

“Dedicated to my Mother and my Father”  Stefano